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The Saltstone Way

Understanding the mosaic is a critical component to investing. Our passion for our work is encapsulated in the thought process that transpired when deriving the name, Saltstone. Our name has an abundance of meaning and symbolism which we hope reverberates from us whenever we interact with you. It was paramount that our foundation was imprinted in the company's name, serving as a daily reminder that there is life beyond the confines of the workplace. We seek value in a myriad of ways, but utilizing our surroundings and respecting the relational aspect of business is essential. Salt has 3 symbolic meanings: relational, oil & gas, and capital preservation. "Relational" comes from striving to be "salt" & light to those around us. "Oil & Gas" stems from the "salt" domes that were historically developed in conventional energy exploration. "Capital preservation" is because "salt" is commonly used as a preservative. Finally, incorporating "stone" was a symbolic reminder that you want a business built on "stone" or rock rather than sand. Trials and tribulations occur in both work and life, but our emphasis is fixated on something greater than ourselves. We rise each morning grateful for the opportunity to work hard for those that have entrusted us with their capital. The name Saltstone Capital Management, serves as a daily reminder of our aspirations.

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